What is BAE?

Best Arms Ever is an innovative and proprietary method using custom bands and light weights to beautify the entire upper body. We created custom-designed resistance bands that provide full joint mobility and maximum range of motion, allowing for smooth movements that mimic those in swimming and Pilates.  Our unique workouts tone the arms, firm the abs and sculpt the back to create gorgeous lines and contours of the arms, highlighting the natural shape of the muscles without increasing their size. The combination of our band and weight work is the secret to Red Carpet Ready Arms.

How does it work?

Beautiful results are achieved by alternating band days with weight days, 4 days per week. In as little as 15-30 minutes per workout and by giving full attention to the upper body, an evolution of shape, tone and design occurs. This is the result of moving the muscles differently and using them in synchronization, not isolation. That’s our proven method for designing your Best Arms Ever.

What should I wear?

Anything you like! Our workouts are designed so that you aren’t dripping in sweat. Make sure you have solid footing (no heels!) and wear comfortable clothes that allow for full range of motion through the shoulders. When you finish your workout, you’ll feel like you just swam a couple of miles without having to put on a swimsuit, get your hair wet or jump into a pool.

How do I get started?

You’ll need our custom Best Arms Ever Kit and a set of light weights, no heavier than 3 pounds. When you purchase the kit, you receive access to our two Foundation Workouts (1 band workout, 1 weight workout). Start with these two workouts, alternating band and weight days, four times a week. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, check out our full digital workout library (requires subscription) where new workouts are added weekly.

Can men do BAE?

Absolutely! Both men and women find BAE is a great way to supplement their cardio workouts to lengthen and tone muscle. BAE also supports strength training workouts by allowing for full joint mobility that helps improve posture and stabilize the shoulders. We recommend alternating your strength training days with our BAE Band workouts for improved joint health, mobility and recovery.  Think of it as the Yin to the Yang.

Can I use heavier weights?

Light weights are essential to the BAE program. We recommend you use a maximum of 2-3 pound weights. This helps to round the shoulders and accentuate lines and contours of the arms, abs and back muscles. Lighter weights also lessen the lift load put on the neck and shoulders. The goal is moving weight through the body, which is achieved by lighter weight.

How do I use the bands with the door?

Using your BAE bands is super easy!

1. Find a secure door (one that fully closes)

2. Take the widest part of the bulb and place it over the top of the door.

3. Close the door (give it a tug to make sure it’s secure) and you’re ready to use your bands!

Can I use an exercise band I already own?

We don’t recommend it. Our BAE bands were custom designed to perform with the way we move the body. BAE Bands have a therapeutic feel allowing for full range of motion at a safe and effective level of resistance. This is a very important aspect to our workouts and safety is always at the top of our mind. BAE Bands have a patented technology that helps to ensure your safety while using them.

We Don't Build Bodies - We Beautify Them