Digital Workouts

We Don’t Build Bodies – We Beautify Them

Getting Started

Getting started with BAE is easy. See our helpful videos below to learn more about everything from how the program works, what to expect, how to for how to use your door anchor and more.

BAE Band Workouts

Workouts designed to work way more than your arms. These sculpting workout uses our custom resistance bands to shape all your accessory muscles, tone the triceps, firm the abs and define the back. When you finish your workout, you’ll feel like you just swam a couple of miles, but you’ll never have to get your hair wet, put on a swimsuit or jump into a pool. Hello sleeveless tees.

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BAE Weight Workouts

Workouts using two pound weights to round the shoulders and accentuate lines and contours of the arms, abs and back muscles. BAE weight days move the upper body differently than BAE band days. The combination of the two BAE workouts is the secret to Red Carpet ready arms

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BAE Brides

A program specifically created for brides-to-be.


A pre-natal program suitable for moms-to-be.