The BAE Creator

The BAE Creator: Tammy Stokes

Tammy Stokes Best Arms Ever

Tammy Stokes began her career in Hollywood, California designing the bodies of A-list celebrities. She quickly became Hollywood’s secret for red carpet ready arms. Tammy is a body designer in a league of her own with a career spanning more than three decades. Her unique and dynamic method of moving the body tones and shapes the muscles without bulking it up. 

Tammy is the Creator of Best Arms Ever, Founder of West Coast Workout and author of Live Your Healthiest Life. She is a lifestyle expert specializing in nutrition to increase energy, improve skin luminosity and assist in weight loss. Tammy’s recipes for Cafe West were built around the nutritious foods that she believes in. She is a firm believer in eating healthy, being happy and celebrating life. 

She has worked with two of America’s top docs, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mark Hyman and is a nationally known expert in the Holistic Wellness living space and an inspiring teacher with a devoted following.

"I've created the most beautiful results in my studios. That should give you great confidence in the effectiveness of Best Arms Ever. You're about to fall in love with your arms."

- Tammy

Best Arms Ever is a result of working with women over the course of 3 decades and hearing the same thing over and over: “How do I get sexy arms without looking bulky?”

That answer is now BAE.